Watercraft and Boating Accidents in Dunwoody, GA

Boating accidents involve unique issues and injuries.  Boating injuries are often severe; boats don’t have seatbelts; they aren’t limited to a roadway; people play in the water in active waterways; boaters don’t think alcohol consumption laws apply to boating; visibility can be greatly reduced at night.  The result can be catastrophic injury or death. Carson & Associates has the experience to effectively and aggressively handle watercraft and boating based accidents.

We know the unique rules of boating, including rules relating to boating while intoxicated, and boater safety and how those rules play into boating accidents.

We are familiar with insurance issues unique to boating accidents (finding insurance when boaters are not insured through the watercraft they are handling at the time of the incident.

We are experienced in handling the type of severe personal injury claims often associated with watercraft and boating incidents

If you need an attorney with experience handling boating related accidents, call us for an appointment.