Catastrophic Personal Injury, Automotive and Trucking Accidents in Dunwoody, GA

Taking immediate action in the aftermath of an incident where you’ve been seriously injured can be pivotal to your ability to recover financially from responsible parties.  Carson & Associates will take the critical steps necessary to maximize your recovery. Carson & Associates has the experience and expertise to investigate and prosecute your claims, from evidence preservation and factual investigation to detailed medical investigation and development of damages support.

At Carson & Associates, the attorney client relationship is characterized by open and ongoing communication so you will know the status of your case and what to expect.  Case values are maximized based on detailed and painstaking preparation and aggressive and polished legal presentation.

Success comes with intimate knowledge of how the system operates.  Chip Carson has litigated and tried cases for and against insurance companies for 20 years.  Chip knows how insurance companies operate and what motivates them to pay more on claims and he has obtained the results to prove it.  In the time Chip has been representing clients in plaintiff’s case over the last four years, he has recovered over one million dollars for his clients.

If you need an experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyer, please call us now for an appointment.